Still not taking the hint? SEO is always Changing the Game

Sometimes it seems that SEO is more like a boxing match. You'd better stay quick on your feet and keep moving or the Google algorithms are going to deliver a quick punch to a vulnerable spot- any opening will do. Google is always watching to see if someone or something should be filtered out or penalized. Try to build up a new website and what do you get? Ignored, or worse yet, penalized for trying to play the same game that every competitor is trying to play. In terms of real estate, where I do most of my work lately, the rules are the same and the competition is enormous. This has led to inflation of SEO at every level. It has virtually nothing to do with how good a real estate agent in a specialty may be, whether PGA National or the Pacific Coast. Every agent wants to be on page one whether they close 10 deals a year or 10 deals a day.