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How does Dave Keys do it? Simply by staying on top of what Google wants. Does the search engine want good links? Fine. Have some good links. Not too many because the search engine never wants too many links, especially low quality ones. You don't know what a low quality link is? Sure you do!
 You know, those links you get from Fiverr in batches of several hundred for 20 bucks? Yeah, those are the ones!  If it is too good to be true, it probably is.  The other hand, well-thought-out content with relevant but not overly aggressive links win the game. What is an overly aggressive link?  Well, as an example, lets say Dave is selling purple warp core widgets. Let's say, there are about 250 searches a month for purple warp core widgets. What if suddenly 500 links show up all with anchor text that says purple warp core widgets? Do you think or not think that Google can figure out what is going on? They already know how many searches there are and if the number of links exceeds the number of searches, that would become a weird signal wouldn't it?  It's even weirder if all the links point to the same website. What are the odds of that happening naturally?

Some people call it black hat SEO. I call it Dumb Hat.

Believe me, if he can help a real estate agent get online... 

Just when you thought SEO couldn’t be an effective source of leads, business and profit in YOUR market, Dave Keys brings the essence of military grade SEO to the street where business competes against business in real time every day. Your business visible to and attracting the money, is the true purpose of SEO and Dave Keys delivers in the face of some of the stiffest competition on the Internet in his famed real estate SEO practice. Believe me, if he can help a real estate agent get online against some of the biggest giants on the web, he can get you there too.Gregory OrtizCEO, Only Source Consulting

Solutions By Dave Real Estate SEO
So, what exactly is Google looking for. Not to parrot what they say but Google is looking for the best content that satisfies the most people looking for information whether that's about products, services or anything else. They are not looking for you to follow some specific formula although some components of on-page SEO  do tend to work out along the lines of what could be seen as a formula. Title tags, headings, alt tags and image names all contribute to helping the search engine understand what a page is about.  Schema markup further explains what a page or product is about. Don't try to deceive Google about what the pages for because eventually, it will figure it out that you're trying to catch some traffic based on a keyword but that's really not what you're providing when your page. 

This has particular implications for the real estate agent as well. Many agents are trying to provide one thing to Google while their business is about something else.  What do I mean? A lot of agents try to convince Google that their website is about homes for sale and I have helped them do that.  It's easy to look up the search volume for home sales in any city or locality. There are 9,900 searches per month for the phrase, homes for sale in Waco TX.  For many agents, their sole focus for SEO is to rank for this and similar home sales phrases. They set about trying to rank on page Zillow and other big websites that specialize in this topic always dominates the results. Sure the website that ranks on page 1 gets traffic but the real mark of gaining new customers and making money is completely missed because the business of a real estate agent is not selling homes. It is selling the agent and the agent's services.  The phrase, real estate agents in Waco TX only has 140 searches a month in Google but the value of these leads is exponential because they are looking for the one thing that you actually have to offer – to sell as it were. They are looking for a real estate agent and to sweeten the deal, Google usually provides a business three pack at the top of search results. That is exactly where you want to be found in it can be done for less outlay and effort using SEO techniques designed specifically to get you there. 

Known planets with homes in the galaxy: 1.

Known planets with homes in the galaxy: 1.

A star is like a pressure cooker. Atoms are stripped and components are rearranged.

Reassembly forms elements including iron. Enough iron and kaboom!


The final collapse becomes a black hole if there is enough matter.

short sales in a small space

Brought to you from me. Your star is near home.


What's A Loan Forbearance Got To Do WIth Short Sales?

A Loan Forbearance- This is temporary. If you can't make scheduled payments, your lein holder may give you a forbearance. Maybe you can stop for a few payments or make smaller payments. Usually this will get tacked onto the end of your loan. It's not a long term solution. 

You may need a short sale. This is where the lender accepts the sale proceeds as "paid in full" and you can walk away but the deal is closed and the harm to your credit is much less than a foreclosure.

Forbearances are rare but this Massachusetts short sales agent can help you get this much more common deal done on your house. 

Don't count on a forbearance. Don't wait for one hoping it will fall out of the sky.

It's Now Officially About Maui Upcountry B & B

I changed the site titles to Maui Upcountry B & B. I just want to see if it shows up and gets visited by people who want to see video and photography from the Kula area and Bed and Breakfast.

It looks just like this screenshot:

Maui Kula B & B website

Moorpark and More

Fine Homes by Tina Hare feature Moorpark and Conejo Valley real estate

This home just listed: 

4706 Maureen Lane Moorpark, CA $695,000 Click HERE for more Information

Moorpark home listing

Herons Glen in West FL

Herons Glen homes are both affordable and provide the exact kind of resort feel that many retirees like, especially golfers who will enjoy the clubhouse and semi private championship golf course right around the corner from home.

Herons Glen real estate retirement oriented community

Search all Herons Glen homes at Cape Coral Central:

Moorpark Home Sales

Moorpark homes at affordable prices and most are under 30 years old.

Moorpark homes

Search all Moorpark home sales at:

Florida Gulf Coast Condos

Every time a condo gets listed in Cape Harbour, you can find it at
Priced right with awesome views and spectacular gulf coast sunsets, these condos of Cape Harbour in Cape Coral, FL share features including stunning architecture and excellent landscapes. The condos feature stucco veneers with slate and tile roofs and include accents like columns and archways that give them a classic, yet modern aesthetic; palm trees and lush greenery adorn the landscape of the condos.

My Website on The Golden Proportion

rule of thirds website

Otherwise known as the photography rule of thirds. My website is six months old and has been static for a while. I took most or all of the photos in a single morning during a walk on Fullerton Trails. I decided on a whim to see how a website for the rule of thirds would do in Google search. I've been a bit busy so it will need some updates.

Here's the website at for your photography enjoyment.

Stay tuned for some fresh photos.

Rent It Preview It Stay in It

Preview it on line. Decide you want to rent it and then stay there. Buy it if you like it.

Vacation home rentals at that you can end up buying to keep.

Preview Stay