Known planets with homes in the galaxy: 1.

Known planets with homes in the galaxy: 1.

A star is like a pressure cooker. Atoms are stripped and components are rearranged.

Reassembly forms elements including iron. Enough iron and kaboom!


The final collapse becomes a black hole if there is enough matter.

short sales in a small space

Brought to you from me. Your star is near home.


What's A Loan Forbearance Got To Do WIth Short Sales?

A Loan Forbearance- This is temporary. If you can't make scheduled payments, your lein holder may give you a forbearance. Maybe you can stop for a few payments or make smaller payments. Usually this will get tacked onto the end of your loan. It's not a long term solution. 

You may need a short sale. This is where the lender accepts the sale proceeds as "paid in full" and you can walk away but the deal is closed and the harm to your credit is much less than a foreclosure.

Forbearances are rare but this Massachusetts short sales agent can help you get this much more common deal done on your house. 

Don't count on a forbearance. Don't wait for one hoping it will fall out of the sky.

It's Now Officially About Maui Upcountry B & B

I changed the site titles to Maui Upcountry B & B. I just want to see if it shows up and gets visited by people who want to see video and photography from the Kula area and Bed and Breakfast.

It looks just like this screenshot:

Maui Kula B & B website

Moorpark and More

Fine Homes by Tina Hare feature Moorpark and Conejo Valley real estate

This home just listed: 

4706 Maureen Lane Moorpark, CA $695,000 Click HERE for more Information

Moorpark home listing

Herons Glen in West FL

Herons Glen homes are both affordable and provide the exact kind of resort feel that many retirees like, especially golfers who will enjoy the clubhouse and semi private championship golf course right around the corner from home.

Herons Glen real estate retirement oriented community

Search all Herons Glen homes at Cape Coral Central:

Moorpark Home Sales

Moorpark homes at affordable prices and most are under 30 years old.

Moorpark homes

Search all Moorpark home sales at:

Florida Gulf Coast Condos

Every time a condo gets listed in Cape Harbour, you can find it at
Priced right with awesome views and spectacular gulf coast sunsets, these condos of Cape Harbour in Cape Coral, FL share features including stunning architecture and excellent landscapes. The condos feature stucco veneers with slate and tile roofs and include accents like columns and archways that give them a classic, yet modern aesthetic; palm trees and lush greenery adorn the landscape of the condos.

My Website on The Golden Proportion

rule of thirds website

Otherwise known as the photography rule of thirds. My website is six months old and has been static for a while. I took most or all of the photos in a single morning during a walk on Fullerton Trails. I decided on a whim to see how a website for the rule of thirds would do in Google search. I've been a bit busy so it will need some updates.

Here's the website at for your photography enjoyment.

Stay tuned for some fresh photos.

Rent It Preview It Stay in It

Preview it on line. Decide you want to rent it and then stay there. Buy it if you like it.

Vacation home rentals at that you can end up buying to keep.

Preview Stay

Get Found Now

Get found now was some kind of contest some time back. Ranking factors depended on three approaches. SEO framework like meta tags and keywords in content, links containing the anchor text for Get found Now and massive content where a blog mentions the concept throughout in the classic Bruce Clay silos approach.

Silos won first place so far but there's a new approach.

High PR subdomains. 

How far does that go?

Get found now isn't even that relevant a keyword. Nobody searches it except website owners who are interested in winning the contest.

So, what will Google do? The PR tool clearly says PR9 here even in the edit window, but does any of that translate to authority for the subdomain?

We will see what changes next for get found now.