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I'm Watching Office Space And That's How Google Seems Lately

I'm watching Office Space on TV. Google just called to complain about the cover on my TPS reports. My SEO, according to Google isn't like they like it. I didn't mix up my keywords enough so links to my target sites get reduced in rank and I have to "mix it up" to make Google happy. And there's no arguing with Google either. You just have to pick up and adapt- quickly.

Here I am adapting like Peter. I'm not quitting, I'm just not going to work, in the usual way. I'm relaxing the formula and writing about what comes naturally, like the fact that anyone has a right to promote their legit business or the legitimate business of another like a real estate agent or a provider of a product, a real physical product made in the US. For that matter Real estate is about as made in the USA as you can get, right?

I'm posting a link to PGA National Homes in Florida hoping that Google doesn't take offense or anything- the business has a right to exist just as much as Google who could actually be made anywhere as long as they have their servers and their ad revenues.