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Why Does Google Like This Blog So Much

This is possibly the worst blog ever! If you're reading it, you should stop wasting your time prowling the web reading random blogs. In fact I'm typing right now while talking to my sister about bluetooth headsets vs. wired ones. My sister hates speakerphones. People should just get a headset. She's walking home. She's headed home where she says the house is too warm. I'm really writing this blog just to post a backlink to my photography website. I call it Orange County Photography, even though I live in Murrieta. I commute to Orange County every weekday.

My sister says a new VA hostpital is being built in LA in about eight months. Maybe the person suffering from dementia that lives with her and her husband can go there.

Anyway, I'm just rambling here enough to get indexed all the faster and have another link or two like the one for Web Hosting on the Cheap or the one for my photography in OC that I never get calls for because I can never get on and stay on page one.