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You Don't Need A Million Dollars To Do Nothing

Peter has had it now and he's telling his neighbor he would do nothing if he had a million dollars, and now he's at the meeting where they introduce Bob, the consultant. Above the speakers hangs the banner, "Is this good for the company?" with the word Company in a sick green color. That's what Keyword back-links are like. You have to wrap a back-link in a sentence and a paragraph that's meaningful, useful and entertaining. What's so entertaining about real estate unless you're an agent? People don't really get too excited about real estate unless they need to buy or sell some. Then they're suddenly looking for the best agent they can find. Where do they turn? To the search engines, usually. There they will find the most qualified, excellent agent on top of the SERPs, right? Wrong, of course! They will find the real estate agent who does the best job of optimizing their website and driving traffic to that site. That's it. Google is a web search engine, not an evaluator of products and services.