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And, I paid someone to write one article and not even spin it? Never again. The person hiring this outfit should have a closer look at their link quality. Same exact text. No wonder I got no juice from the links. Chiropractic content is probably filtered enough anyway, and then this dup content :-(

Couldn't they even run it through a synonym generator or soemthing?

Here's an example. It takes almost no mind to do it:

Increadingly, more people are enjoying the benefit and effectiveness of chiropractic adjustments and treatments in combating chronic migraines. It still is easy to fail to make the connection between the spinal cord and persisting pains in other areas of the body.

That was not so hard was it?

Probably, that single sentence will get more traction than the entire 600 or so words in the duplicated article.


One more: Compressed vertebrae may interfere with signal transmission along the nerves of the spinal column. Buildup and sporadic release of bio-electrical signals along the spine's neuro-pathway may cause excruciating pain. Jacksonville Chiropractors relieve pain.