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Once again it begins with "A few words... Jacksonville Chiropractors" as if nobody is going to know this is nearly valueless. I could have paid someone five bucks to write that piece of spam and done a far better job distributing it myself, after which a hundred people would copy it like they did my PGA homes are as unique as their name article. Anyway, this one says the exact same thing which could be better worded:

While medical doctors and chiropractors may have appreciable levels of education, and while some chiropractors are also medical doctors, the primary difference between them whether or not they attain the same academic level of medical training is in the application of their knowledge in practice. Medical doctors favor prescription synthetic medicine to alleviate pain while chiropractors will achieve pain release via adjustment of the spine, which whether it corrects some kind of signal pathway or just gets protrusions away from the spinal nerves, often simply works, and more effectively than medical or surgical methods to to relieve pain caused by bulging discs or other problems.