Need Relief For Low Back Pain

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Hurt, ache and just plain miserable- back pain seems to know know bounds. It can be with you always in some form, if you're a chronic sufferer.

If you've been suffering from low back pain, you know how debilitating it can be- especially after days, weeks, months and even years of problems that just won't go away. It interferes with your work, your life in every way. Rest doesn't come because your back is miserable and keeps waking you up even though you're so tired you can't believe you can't sleep.




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There is an answer if your problem is a herniated disc (it very likely is) or if your problem is just an aggravated chronic condition caused by an accident or an old injury.

We have therapies that can relieve your pain fast and effective:

For herniated disc or bulging disc problems we have state of the art VAX-D, an excellent and affordable alternative to invasive surgery that can permanently alter your spine and impact you the rest of your life.