How Many Times Will A Chiropractic Article Be Spun and Still Retain Link Value?

I have seen the same chiropractors article written, supposedly in the first person, for around a week now- it shows up in various forms on blogs and splogs but, apparently has been found useful by enough people to keep using it again. The question is, why does Google not see this as article inflation and de-index it?

This is the article in its last form: (My comments interjected)

When a person finds out that I am a Chiropractor, I usually get asked about some type of pain they may be experiencing. I always start by asking them, “Who is your Chiropractor?” The majority of the time, they answer that they don’t have one. This answer always amazes me. This already sounds dubious- plenty of people don't have a chiropractor and never have had one.
There are some great Chiropractors in Jacksonville. From Mayport to Orange Park to St. Augustine, the Jacksonville area is fortunate to have some quality chiropractors. Is this a big case of pay it forward? How many business people want to talk about al their great competitors?
There are some things to keep in mind when choosing a Chiropractor in Jacksonville:
• Make sure you feel comfortable with the Chiropractic office. Chiropractors have different personalities and opinions. They should never be too busy to answer any question you might have. They should always timely return your calls. A chiropractor’s staff should ALWAYS be professional and courteous. As if this needed saying?
• What Chiropractic techniques do they use? Chiropractors tend to use the techniques they feel comfortable with and the techniques they get the best results with. Most importantly they should use a technique that makes you feel most comfortable. Ask your potential chiropractor to explain what techniques are used in the clinic. Yeah and once you ask the chiropractor what their technique is, what more do you really know than you did before you heard a phrase like Cox Flexion/Distraction?
• Does your new Chiropractor have a simple straight-forward financial policy? (Yes, of course. I do the work and you pay for it. Clear enough?) Is it important to you that your Jacksonville Chiropractor is on your insurance plan? Does your Chiropractor offer payment options? You should always feel comfortable asking financial questions. Money issues should never get in the way of you receiving the care you need.
• Does your Chiropractor have a good relationship with medical specialists (oh, do you mean their referral network? I'm certain of it!) in Jacksonville? If you have a condition that requires more aggressive treatment, can your Chiropractor obtain a timely referral to a neurologist or orthopedist?
• Ask your friends or even your primary care doctor. I receive several referrals from medical doctors and I am grateful for their confidence. Ask your doctor if they can recommend someone. Huh? Dear Mr. Medical Dr. You're too incompetent to help me with my back. Can you recommend someone who'se practice you don't regard as real medicine?
• Finally, if you are still having trouble finding Jacksonville Chiropractors (Of course, I took that link opportunity!) that you feel comfortable with, call me. I will recommend a Chiropractor that is close to you in the Jacksonville area.

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