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Chiropractors and Weight Management

Jacksonville Chiropractors DrScott

If your back is hurting, you'll likely consider chiropractic help. The forte' of chiropractors is thought to be management of such pain, back and neck adjustments to the spinal column and, hopefully you're on your way feeling better. But that could be a limited, and inaccurate perception. A great deal of wellness and health issues are addressed by Jacksonville Chiropractors of Atlantic Coast Medical. Here's a few:

  • Weight control. If a patient is facing weight issues from overweight to diabetes, Chiropractors are trained in providing nutritional plans and dietary changes to help you. They can also provide vitamin therapy to address nutrients you’re currently lacking.
  • Muscle injury. If you've pulled or injured a muscle the chiropractor can place you on a specific stretching and exercise plan on a schedule that promotes faster recovery and increased flexibility so you can be even better off after the injury than before.
  • Massage therapy. Along with muscle injury, especially in the back, comes inevitable muscular pain. The chiropractor can provide the right therapeutic massage to speed up healing and cause the body to deliver endorphins for natural pain relief.
  • Spinal adjustment via decompression. VAX-D spinal decompression can actually cause the spine to retract tissue at the site of a bulging disc, bringing great pain relief.

Our Jacksonville Chiropractors offer additional services and alternative treatments too. Call us. All you have to lose is your pain!


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