The relative value of blogspot accounts

It seems that any blogspot account can be indexed in seconds but contribution on a regular basis appears to move the value of a blogger account up by a significant amount. My assessment is that it's probably better to manage fewer blogspot accounts with more content than many with little content. The ongoing contribution seems to be most important in this approach to using blogger accounts for any support of an overall SEO effort.

My latest SEO payoff seems to have been in OC Photography. Overnight, I found two of my websites had finally moved to page one but the surprise was that a page I'd repurposed for something else, had moved ahead for some searches related to photogrpahy. Not the coveted one, Orange County Wedding Photography but other closely related and highly competed for terms.

My wedding photography offerings are at the beginning end of most Orange County Wedding Photography pros, but I can compete with some of those in the top ten, and definitely with many in the top thirty Orange County Wedding photographers so it seems right to reward a concentrated effort to place among the best of the photographers in the OC.