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With all the tropical splendor of the US Virgin Islands and all the commercial amenities of the United States together in one place, the ways to orchestrate your own Carribbean adventure are endless. Whether for one or more, you'll find that a visit to the Virgin Islands is an experience you will always remember. Some will want to return and stay, choosing from the array of home choices. Whatever your taste and requirements, in the USVI, you’ll find what you need. There are spectacular settings where homeowners can enjoy champagne by the pool while looking out over Magens Bay, or dine at nearby restaurants amidst more than 500 species of tropical plants. And when was the last time your evening came with a sunset cruise or elegant dining in an 18th century farmhouse? You’ll also find championship golf courses, top-rated  beaches and stunning cerulian waters with unmatched diving and sport fishing. Plus, you'll find ecotourism adventures as well– so you can get reacquainted with your unscripted self in a pristine environment.
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