Did Blogger Sites Get a Boost? Would you use it for Real Estate?

Eric Ward sometime back, said that Google web properties (like blogspot) have been given a boost. This kind of keeps with the focus on Google plus.

Blogger has had a bad name for some time, but I think Google is cleaning up the neighborhood. Nobody in their right mind would consider doing a real estate website on Blogger. Right? They might consider at least trying it for supplemental sites...

My niche in real estate SEO took a dip for http://www.real-estate-seo.net when I built too many profile links. That left other types at too low a ratio and anchor text too low for other terms as well. I noticed that on Blekko, that Solutions by Dave ranked high, around position 3 for Real Estate SEO. This lowly blog along with some other blogspot accounts began to rank higher around the same time as the Panda update. I've kept them fairly light and posted less frequently than to Wordpress, but I got sometimes, just as good a response from Google's index.

Link Horse for Real Estate SEO

Websites love a good chunk of sugar just like a horse. Linkhorse sounds like a good domain to buy. I'll have to check it out.

Other real estate sites I'm trying to push a bit:

Fullerton short sale agents

The AgentsR.us short sale website for Fullerton (it's at #2 now)

This one responded well after cooking a while after a round of real estate links... The former jumped up pretty high just by creating it and letting it cook. It's an exact match real estate term.