Sometimes blogger has the Fastest Response Time But Is It Valuable?

My last blog post on this blog took about 10 seconds to index on Google. That kind of performance for this blog which is several years old now, is fairly typical. What I haven't sorted out yet is how valuable links from this blog are compared to WordPress, in particular websites. Of course, other factors play into this as well like the PR of the blog, and quality of the articles. My web famous post has yet to be indexed. So this post provides a ping to that one. I suppose I could be patient and wait and see if it happens on its own, but I'll probably forget to check, and I have to move on.

Well, I have to stop posting now and finish a video.

 And work on content for Jacksonville chiropractors.  in fact, I have upper back pain at this very moment. I suppose I could benefit from an x-ray to see whether it's from arthritis in my neck, or just some muscular problem. I slept on the couch in front of the TV, and woke up the next morning with  kind of a kink in my shoulder blade.