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Neck Pain Care by Jacksonville Chiropractic

Neck Pain

Neck pain affects a significant number of individuals. Studies find that many Americans suffer from neck pain at any given time.

Neck pain is prevalent in people is because the neck region contains many delicate, pain sensitive structures commonly exposed to abuse and abnormal stresses. Neck pain is caused by incomplete rehabilitation of past injuries, poor posture, prolonged sitting, and lack of periodic spinal alignments are some of the more common factors in the development of neck problems.

Neck pain that affects individuals fortunately benefit from chiropractic care. Neck injuries and its symptoms, are addressed by chiropractic procedures to eliminate the cause of the majority of neck problems, unlike prescription drugs, which simply hide the symptoms.


Neck pain and its underlying causes are best identified and corrected by doctors of chiropractics; the most successful treatments involve the identification of the cause of the condition. Neck pain has been very successfully treated by our Jacksonville chiropractors, as it is the number one choice for back and neck pain care.