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What a day! This morning, it started out just fine. Laptop in hand– presentation materials–check. “Crush-it-attitude"–check. Extra hour of preparation every night for the last week–priceless.Ready for the commute, you turned around, grabbed the travel mug, headed to the door and then you saw that letter that you were supposed to mail so you reached over to put it in your laptop case and pop! It hit you in an instant. The familiar “snap and twinge.” Dull pain radiated across your back. The muscles tightened. Just then, you realized how great you felt just moments before.

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Now, three hours later, it's time to do the presentation. You'll do fine–you've prepared all week, but then you have a ton of work to make up–and new work is on its way right now. That pain in your back has settled in like bad company. It's going to annoy and disrupt you for days to come. You could do what? Take time from work, falling further behind, to go to the doctor and get pain pills that don't make the pain go away and do make you less productive?

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