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Yet another SEO Anchor Text Test

I've noticed that twice, I've posted two links in a single post, where the first gets enough linkjuice to bring a target website online in a Google search, but not the second. Here's a test post that contains only one link with anchor text. This is related to technical debt and a site which I'm doing one of my so called, "stress tests." I create a post for a certain topic on a blog where I have a good feel for its PR or authority and see where it falls in search results. I also sometimes create an anchor text test to see if the link will pay off. Like technical debt, SEO debt is incurred when you don't do enough link-building or do the wrong kind of link building. Finally, here is my test for the new website for technical debt: gekkotechdebt which is a common term to nothing. It isn't currently indexed anywhere but that will change as soon as I post this gekkotechdebt anchor text. The question remains whether it will return the target website as well.