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No Secret To Great SEO

SEO is really very simple. At its core, there are just two factors for good, successful SEO. They are: content and poularity. No expertise is needed to understand this. Google is committed to providing users an excellent experience every time they visit. It stands to reason that a value system that works pretty well is in place.

Content: You construct a website in a way that search engines can read it and get a good idea what the website is about by what is written there. SEO is text oriented.

Popularity: How popular is your website? How many people mention it? How many people visit on a regular basis. How many new people do you attract? And finally, (and probably most important for any commercialized SEO undertaking) how many other sites link to your website and what do those links say about your site?
Keep these two factors in mind when learning about SEO and you’ll go far. There are lots of techniques, rules of the road and preferred configurations that go into beating competition for search engine rankings but at the end of the day, you have to have better-than-your competitor standing in these two core factors in search optimization and Google placement for your website.
The job of an SEO expert is to understand how best to apply these factors to promote your website in a way that Google will find acceptable and ensure that people are finding you when they want to obtain your product.
If your return for being high in search results is worth the investment into SEO then SEO pays for itself.

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