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Classic Standoff

Jupiter Island homes

(Money Magazine) recently cited that, "In general, sellers have gotten more realistic in pricing their homes than they were right after the housing bubble burst, but agents say that many still don't grasp how much they must concede to close a deal. And buyers are still spraying lowball offers around in hopes that sellers will be desperate enough to bite." article

Buyers and sellers often find themselves in a classic standoff. Each with unreasonable expectations. The seller, already stung by the continued decline in prices and sales digs in and feels they have already given away the farm and they're not going an inch further. Meanwhile, buyers think that every seller should be ready to just roll over and accept the most outrageous offer, and the follows that thinking through.

Result? Hard feelings on both sides as a deal is nowhere near fruition.

Classic Wealth in the homes of Jupiter Island.
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