Heat and Humidity in South Florida - Excellent Cure At Home For Some Homeowners

It's hot and it's humid. Everybody knows why south Florida, like any location has at least some drawbacks. In Florida, it's the summer humidity and heat that can become rather oppressive. It can start in May and stretch through September. Some years are better. Some are worse. Residents of Admirals Cove have a special remedy close at hand. Back-yard docks at Admirals Cove homes. The cure for weather doldrums for PGA National homes and other golf communities lies in timing of a great golf game when there is some breeze to cool you off. At Admirals Cove, you don't have to wait for a breeze. You can make your own. Just head out to your back-yard dock, board the boat or yacht and head out to the waterways or the Atlantic. It's a rare day that this trip won't cure fast.