Why Celebs Like Jupiter Island Homes

The Barrier Island  - Jupiter Island has become the favored locale for homes of Celebrities and unknowns alike. They are lovers of warm weather and balmy breezes.
Jupiter Island is the southernmost of Florida’s three Barrier Islands (the other two being Hutchinson and Orchid Islands). It is considered the wealthiest town in the United States, 
Located off the border of Martin County’s Treasure Coast (directly north of West Palm Beach and Palm Beach County), 17-mile long Jupiter Island’s relationship with wealth began in legendary fashion in 1715 when the Spanish Plata Fleet wrecked right off the coast spewing tons of silver and gold coins. Many of these coins are still found today only inches below the sand. 
Those who can afford Jupiter Island Homes For Sale find a lifestyle on par with destinations from far off mediterranean and balmy seaside resorts.
Jupiter Island, Florida’s exquisite real estate and promise of privacy have proven irresistible to the rich and famous. Golfers Greg Norman, Nick Price, and Tiger Woods (Woods paid $40,000,000 for his Jupiter Island home in 2006) live here as well as singers Celine Dion and Alan Jackson. Most of the homes on Jupiter Island are built on one and two acre parcels.