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I've Seen The Thumbnails Disappear Again DWK3310

It's starting to look like a pattern. Post video. Get video indexed on YouTube, then Google, get a thumbnail SERP and then the thumbnail disappears and the link stays. Sometimes the thumbnail comes back and sometimes it doesn't. Call to action becomes more important.  I posted several YouTube videos for homes in various territories and now I'm promoting those posts via organic methods. This means, among other factors, embeds and links for the real estate markets in question:

Since the keywords on YouTube swiftly dominate searches, a message must be placed right in the title in what, 60 characters or less along with the needed keywords? A challenge but worthy.

Areas of real estate SEO are expanding. Now it's across the country to include Palm Beach Gardens, BallenIsles, PGA National, Orange County, Fullerton, Brea, Menifee in Riverside County and upcoming work on Wichita, KS.