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Maui or Juno Beach?

Personally, I prefer Maui, but if I had to choose the mainland, this Juno Beach condo seems about right. The price is probably similar but the cost of living in Florida is somewhat less than Hawaii. Real Estate is a little less of a jumble with Hawaii's 99 year lease holds and less familiar island real estate laws. Homes and condos in Juno Beach range from just under $60k to $6 Million. Now, admittedly, the difference between these is the difference between a mobile home and a mansion but you can live in close proximity to one of Florida's best beaches on almost any home buying budget. Juno Beach offers something to every home purchase level.

Condos aren't going to come in at $60K but many are still quite reasonable.

I mean, who can argue with a view like this in the morning? Even a cloudy day is spectacular in the right location.

Makes me want to go to Maui though... That could be one draw stronger than this alluring view from a prime resort condo in Florida. I guess that's the difference between real estate SEO and real estate I personally choose if I had my druthers.

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